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  Roy Primm, ("The Niche Man") has written over 300 articles and blog guest post showing others how --to find, create and improve tiny niche products and services - for bigger profits.

--His writings are always filled with timely information, engaging facts then lightly sprinkled with his --unique cutting edge humor.

--His strength is getting into the shoes and heads of his readers, to find and answer their --   --unexpressed questions and problems.

Latest Venture

--His latest venture is creating a line of "Donate What Your Heart Feels" products and services to --cater to the needs of consumers and small businesses looking to get more bang for their buck.

--His goal is to have over 100 "Donate What Your Heart Feels" products and services by 2016. His --mission is to be the Angie's Lists for some of the latest cutting-edge business and consumer --products and services.

--He's been labeled by many as the King of Niche Marketing witticisms. He's earned the name with --such often quoted quips as ...

-- - "If you don't have a strong niche ... you have a weak business".

-- - "A niche is like a bathroom ... you never notice one until you need it".

-- - "A niche idea takes over ... where a big idea leaves off".

--In addition to hundreds of other classic quips, quotes and witticisms on niche marketing.

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